About Nicole Joos

Born in 1984 near Berne in Switzerland, I always loved to travel the world. Discovering new places, cities, cultures and languages is always a pleasure. I'm a nordic girl - yes, I prefer forests and lakes to beaches - Québec and Sweden are my favourite places.


Taking pictures was always something I liked, but it really started when I bought my first DSLR in november 2012, a Nikon D7000. Replaced it with a Nikon D800 one year later and am using a Nikon D850 since September 2017. I'm learning constantly and trying to improve my photography. Love to have a different view on things through the lens, searching for details in cities and the right spot and moment for photos of the beautiful nature. I like architecture, symmetries, colours, the sky, water, the evening sun, clouds and cities by night.


And I love Stockholm, please check out my other website: www.AboutStockholm.info.

Find my photos of concerts here: www.NicoleJoosMusicPhotography.com


Looking forward to your feedback. Please leave a comment in the Guestbook or write a message on the Contact-page. Visit me on Instagram500px or Facebook. Thank you!